the typical tale of the beef bros

/homːˑme fəˈtɑːl/

A homme fatale is an alluring or seductive man, especially one who causes women to love him to their own distress.


hurdle king lu han ft. baekhyun risking his life being an obstacle.

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Baby give me X O X O

How to make Luhan walk with you in 3 steps!
Note: Will only work if you're Xiumin.

Anonymous asked: i'm watching oven radio 4. episode but chen isn't wearing his ring?

Sometimes he wears his ring(s) sometimes he doesnt just like the other members, im sure it was just some outfit planning or he left it at home or something! :)

Anonymous asked: hımm links to write smt to chen? that he can read

Exo’s fanboard! On the exo official website,

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